When you visit the team at Vidalia Pediatric Clinic, most of the time you’ll be bringing your son or daughter in for a well child visit. The doctors and support staff at the practice love these opportunities to get to know your child and work to enhance the health of families in the community of Vidalia, Georgia. If your child is overdue for a well child visit, or if you are searching for a new pediatrician, book an appointment by calling (912) 537-9355.

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What is a well child exam?

A well child exam is a visit centered on preventive health. If your family is blessed with good health, these appointments will form the bulk of your child’s interactions with their pediatrician.

Well child visits are an opportunity for parents to ask questions or express concerns about their child’s health. You’re welcome to broach any subject, from baby-proofing to breastfeeding, how to feed a picky eater, or how to make lifestyle changes to help a child lose some extra weight.

Your child will come in for frequent well child visits during the first 18 months of life. After that time the visits occur less often and eventually reach the point of annual exams. The Vidalia Pediatric Clinic team continues to offer these wellness visits until your child reaches the age of 21.

What happens during a well child exam?

The initial portion of the exam is consumed with gathering essential data about your child’s height, weight, and how well they’re developing as compared to a database of their peers. Your pediatrician listens to their heart and lungs and performs a routine neurological exam and skin check.

If any areas of concern are noted, additional screening may be needed. These tests might be performed during your well child exam or may need to be scheduled at a later time.

Why should I bring my child to the doctor if they aren’t sick?

Far too many parents wait until a health issue arises to schedule a visit with the pediatrician. Not only can this approach teach a child to associate a doctor visit with the discomfort of an injury or illness, but it also fails to tap into all that well child visits have to offer.

Well child exams are the setting where your little one forms a relationship with their pediatrician. They also receive the vaccinations they need to thrive, including an annual flu shot if it’s the right time of the year. A lead test, hearing tests, and vision screening can also be performed during a well child exam.

If your child needs a sports physical or a special physical for summer camp or international travel, just let the team know when you book your well child exam. These services can be provided during the same visit, saving you time and money.

To book a well child exam, simply call the office or spend a few moments on the online booking page.