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Well Child Checks

Below is a little insight on what a Well Child Check entails:

"So to me Peds is mostly about practicing preventative medicine. Yes we deal with the sick as well, but I see the WCC as the mainstay of what we do, and it is way more than just shots.
So what do children (and parents) get when they do regular WCCs?
*Hearing and vision screens
*Oral health screens
*Developmental surveillance and timely referrals as needed
*Screening for medical problems (including those in the psychosocial realm)
*A comprehensive physical exam
*Lab testing as recommended and appropriate
*Age appropriate anticipatory guidance
*Most importantly, we are here to answer any questions they may have

Bottomline not having regular WCCs puts a child's overall health at risk."


                                                                           -Dr. Etta Boss-Cole




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